Fading into Irrelevance.

Years ago I named the blogging side of what was then MepisGuides as Fade to Irrelevance. The conceptual idea being that it was content that over time, just wouldn’t matter anymore. In those pages I posted Guides for non-Linux operating systems, Guides for non-Linux applications, dipped my toes into some politically commentary on the industry, and at least according to my archive of dumped documents had some hardware reviews. Namely an ATEN HDMI switch that I’m not sure what I did with. I mean, really not sure what I did with it.

So, a few years later, okay, several years later, here we go again. A little mix of everything that well, I want to talk about. What I want to do. What I have to say.

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GNiE: GoG Galaxy repost

On Mar. 27, 2018 I left a commentary covering CD Projekt Red’s coding practices on the GOG.com community wishlist for Good Old Game’s Galaxy Linux Client. After submitting the post I learned two very important details of the GoG.com wishlist posting system. The first detail was that the Good Old Games posting system was incapable of parsing basic HTML text and as such butchered the formatting of the commentary into an unreadable mess.

The second detail was that the Good Old Games posting system does not have a visible user-exposed method of linking to a specific post within the wishlist system. Thus there was no way to accredit the post to a press-account recognized by CDPR.

To solve these two issues I reposted the commentary to Google Plus, thus providing a hard link to find the commentary and a human-readable version. However, Google Plus is being decommissioned due to gross negligence and extreme incompetence from Google Engineers. So, here on 2/11/2019, the commentary resurfaces. Continue reading “GNiE: GoG Galaxy repost”