Mepis Guide's
May 10th - 2007

Added two guides for apt-cache.

April 15th - 2007 again

Installations for Mepis 6.5 on IDE and SATA drives uploaded. Uploaded guide to obtain and install IceWM.

April 15th  -2007

Multiple new QuickView Guides for the Mepis Tools. X-Reload Guide for Mepis Linux 6.5 uploaded.

March 18th - 2007

New guides for the Desktop Pager and FrostWire P2P Client Uploaded. Also relinked in guide over the X-Configuration File Re-Instalaltion on Mepis 6.0 final.

Wish List Page has been updated.

Added 3 GParted Guides.

March 14th - 2007

Linked in some more guides including the completed set of CoH on Vedega guides.  Added in an Open Office default file guide, and a guide on KPowersave.

Added perhaps the second most nerve wracking post to the General News Column...

Added Contact 

March 1st - 2007

Shouldn't go so long without an update, but massive number of new guides and a slightly remixed guide.  

Feb 9th - 2007

Second update for today, changed Donations link at the top to point to newly creathed Donations / Commissions page.

here's hoping I haven't gotten myself into something I can't handle.

Feb 9th - 2007

Added 4 Nvidia Guides, 2 for the Current Mepis 6 Final Release, and 2 for the Mepis 6.0.4 beta.

The nvidia guides are supplemented with a walk through of dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.

Added City of Heroes install guide for Cedega.

Feb 8th - 2007

The most delayed guide ever. Cedega install is now uploaded.

Feb 5th- 2007

Fixed Mepislovers link to point to

Added up real-time video page of Mepis Linux on K6-2 Chomper Extended and Pentium-III Katmai systems.

Jan 25th- 2007

Multiple new guides linked to the front page.

Still working on Donations page, trying to figure out best way to say "I'm strapped for cash" and "I'll take hardware for testing."  Donations link still points at the Utilities page. I'm still trying to come up with a workable commissions system.

Changed Original OS Install Link to point to current Blogger Page

New Printer Guides are up and loaded.


New Install guides

#1: Average Installation

#2: Dual Boot and Drive Clearing
#3: Custom Partition Installation

#4: Reinstall Custom Partition

#5: Merged /root and /home 

#6: Reinstall Merged /root and /home


Update: I finally got around to addressing the following files... only to find that the image links have already been fixed.

Only, I didn't fix them.  And i Don't Know who did...

Cblue, if that was you who took the time, or David, I thank thee both.

All guides currently work.



The Blitz:  I'm not sure where I got the idea to call the groupings of guides "blitz," but I think it fits.


I'm attempting to over haul the front end of the site so that news and guides are separated.

But since I'm using NVU instead of a "professional" html editor, the site is going to be like this for a while.

Anyways, these guides are roughly put up as I complete them, so some guides will reference earlier completed guides.

The guides are screen capped at 800*600 resolution.

This is done because most MEPIS users, and most Linux users actually, run in a 1024*768 resolution.

Showing the steps at the lower resolution should help most casual users follow along easily.

Fact is, guides that do not use Debian's Apt-Get can probably be completed with the same steps on other versions of operating systems built on Linux.

So just because this is a MEPIS Oriented page does not mean other distro's should feel too left out.

Recently the site has changed over to In this change some guides may have broken pictures or html.Please let us know if you have any problems.

mepisguides web crew

More General News
Minor Updates and Hardware Requests: 3 new guides linked in. A guide for the Etch dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg setup built on ATi cards, a guide to fix FLV corruption in Kaffeine, and a hardware report on a CrossFire motherboard from Asus.

This is also the first time that I am... well, directly requesting two particular hardware donations. While I have access to Core2 systems, because of my reccomendations to the buyers the Core2 systems do not use Intel chipsets. Combined with the slow death of the Sager Tablet that was used to create the Mepis 6.5 Intel dpkg run through, I am without an Intel chipset system of my own to work with.

So, I am actively seeking donations to cover purchasing an Intel chipset based motherboard, or a donation of a recent Intel Chipset motherboard.

By the same token, referring to a page on the blog, Nvidia has aggressively attacked their driver issues with Linux support. After selling the (in)famous Clevo D900T laptop, I went with a smaller sized, but cheaper Asus F3K laptop with a Radeon HD GPU. While this allows me to cover Radeon HD support as it enters Mepis... I am without a Geforce 8x00 series card to test with.

So, I am actively seeking donations to cover obtaining a Geforce 8x00 series card, or a Geforce 8x00 series card directly.


also in a similar note, many thanks to the donation of an ECS Nforce based motherboard for Socket 939 processors. A hardware report is forthcoming.

Another update on forthcoming install books. Hate to say it's been pushed back, but with Mepis 7 RC1 looking like a Mid-November release, it's looking more likely for a for a December release on the install book.

There are other items cooking on the back burner, so I'm a little slow on getting guides up. Not that I haven't run out of ideas, or things on my list of "needs to be done.."

I'm also examining the possiblity of moving the guides normally listed at the bottom of the pages to their own separate index.html entries. I had one person state it was difficult to navigate the site since there were no direct links to the guides at the top of the page.

One final minor change to an existing guide. The UT99 guide has been updated to reflect a new download location for the install file on my FileCloud account. UT3 is also looking less like a Zero launch day, and the code may not be finished in time for the retail release. I will still try to 0-day the launch of the Linux Client.

New Guides linked in
: Mepis 7 section added. Ping placed in Mepis 6.5 user tools.

Okay... yes I have fallen off a cliff.
I am not letting September go by without at least getting SOMETHING up on the main page to indicate what's going on. As is well known (or should be) Mepis Linux is approaching the end of it's Beta stages. I've been busy with editing the Wiki-Mepis-ia and creating an upgrade F.A.Q. for the launch of Mepis 7.  Watchers of my technical blog will also note a heavy increase as posts as I'm shoving out content that has been in que but unfinished for long whiles.

A bit of more background in technical events, my primary system got gutted to fulfill another clients order. (No K.B., not yours, that was my media system that got gutted).  Basically I've been trying to lay hands on Radeon 690G systems to insure that they work. The first motherboard came from ECS and electrically wrecked two hard-drives. Since I had promised an Athlon64 3200+ I delivered my own in replacement of the ECS motherboard.

The second is an Asus F3K that was purchased upon sale of the (infamous) Clevo D900T notebook I've used for the past couple of years. The Asus F3K also has a RadeonHD 2600 graphics card which puts me in a position to make sure the 8.42 driver is working properly... however... as of yet I can't get any Mepis Beta's to load a graphical screen on the Asus.  So, for right now, if you are looking at buying a motherboard, buy an Nvidia Nforce or a Via based motherboard. 

I'm also on the lookout for any Sansa hard-drive players, Cowen hard-drive players, or Iriver-Hard-drive players in order to complete similar tests as I've done with the Apple iPod.

With K.B.'s help there is a Mepisguides store on the way. For now I'll be selling custom systems directly, at price points of $600, $800, and $1200 (US). I've already settled on the classification names of Melody (integrated low end hardware),  Symphony (add-in graphics card, dual core minimum processor), and Orchestra (the works). Prices are budgeted to include shipping and handling through UPS. I've also made the decision to offer Apevia X-Qpack case designs only. Each system will also come with an Apevia Keyboard, but I'm still hunting for a decent mouse to include. The Apevia mouse is like their power supplies and fans in the X-Qpacks. I get the feeling marketing said that something else had to be added for the package to sell.

Looking forward I'm intending to have a couple NEW books available for the launch of Mepis 7.  Upon the release of RC1 I will start writing new Install guides and upgrade guides using the Mepis 7 RC1 artwork. My goal is to have the install Books ready to ship 0-day with the launch of Mepis 7 Final. That should make a lovely Christmas gift to those who are still using Microsoft Windows.

Um... final items. Once again my current Playstation Portable is up for sale, $90 to whoever is interested. I'm also looking for a donator or vendor who wouldn't mind parting with one of Asus's New Audio cards. I've had blasted of all luck trying to track down a live person at Asus to communicate with.

And biggest news. As of this posting it has been confirmed that UT3 will ship it's retail box... WITH LINUX SUPPORT!. Yes. I am going to try to 0-day an install guide for UT3.

in other misc news, there have been a couple of new guides uploaded to the Mepis-6 and Mepis-7 sections. I haven't linked them in yet, but if you want to keep track of new guides, keep an eye on Mepislovers Tips and Tricks section.

No, I haven't fallen off a cliff:
Okay, this is more of a blog entry than a news posting... but, first of all... no, I haven't dissapeared again... and yes, the guides are still updating.  First part is a bit of a confession.  I had wanted the next news posting to go up as announcing the availability of more books through Lulu, basically as a matter of personal pride. I've done this sort of thing before, such as on the old forums where I stopped posting when I neared 1000 posts as I wanted my 1000th post to be marked with a relative avalanche of new guides. However, several events have occured to keep me from posting more books for sale.

The first item is of course, the price. I think the books are too expensive, at the existing pricing, it's almost a loss instead of a gain. So, the result is that I've been putting together two additional proof-of-concept books together to try out different print sizes and picture formatting. I'm also working on inserting explanation text snap shots in spots where the original text is just too long to put in the caption space allotted in Lulu.  This of course means relabling and resorting the pictures so I can find them in Lulu's picture book builder... which was not built with my sort of text heavy use in mind.

The second item is injuries. The first was a run in with a lawn trimmer... it won.  The second was an ear infection of the outer and middle inner ears, leaving me helpless in a ball.  

The third item is conventions. Specifically AnthroCon in Pittsburg... and... oh yes. I am going back to E3 out in California.  

While I had been budgeting for AnthroCon since last year, the E3 invite was unexpected. I know I wasn't on the original listing sent out earlier this year.  This... has placed me in the precarious position of well... I'm real close to broke city by the time all is said and done.  I'm not too keen on begging for financial help... I just can't pull some of the stunts that others (say, like Frostwire) pull when it comes to asking for money. I'm not good at that, and hopefully will be continually lousy at it.... so... um... how does this go... if you have some spare cash... and you'd like to help... um...

anything... would... really, really, REALLY be appreciated...  (but I'd have a lot easier time if I had something tangible you could actually hold...)

okay... back to topics of the site.  I've come across some two older dot matrix and one older HP injet printer. I'm adding these to the 3 computers that are currently now listed in "old" news, making them a bit more attractive for the price... so yes, those systems still are available.

Another item moving forward is that when I get the alter/ego site operational (LinuxGuides) I'm going to start listing custom system pulls. Basically the idea is that every 2 months I pull down a listing of customized components from various vendors, and class the computers... so, for example, there would be a $500, $800, and $1000 class computers listed. Like the auction computers each one priced to include a Mepis Subscription, and also back cover hardware costs. The first argument to be made is, doesn't that put me up against MadTux and System76? The short answer right now is... no. My intent is to offer the tuning services that VoodooPC (HP), and Alienware (Dell) do not offer to the Linux market. My aim on building a computer isn't to get the most amount of hardware in for the cheapest price... my aim is to get the best hardware for the price. So, what could be my $500 system may only have the listed specs of a $300 system from MadTux.  But, as most people know, specifications go beyond the gigahertz or ram transfer speed. For example, how noisy is your computer? What happens if you drop, say, $50 extra on some fans from Scythe? You could move more air, generate less noise... and guess what... your computer is probably going to live a little longer.  I'll go more into this as I get closer to getting a webpage up...

which... basically brings me to the final entry of this rather long post... I need some help generating a back end ... and well... front end too... interface for purchasing items. I'm probably going to start of with something like the current Store, just a text entry that clicks into the purchasing screen for each item. ... actually.... I think I'll work on just getting something up than rather worrying about it being fancy...

um... okay... oh yes. Guides. 9 guide uploads and a hardware report. I think this makes me current for all the content listed through Tip's And Tricks on the MepisLovers Forum. Oh... and if it isn't obvious, I'm not an obsessive updater of the front page here. However, all new guides are first listed in the MepisLovers Tip's and Tricks section.

Lulu published book available:  Big news for me today, I got the proof of concept book in, and have opened it up to general publishing. Now, I need to probably clarify a few things about the book. First, why did I use the Mepis 3 Series and not the Mepis 6 Series that is current. The bestg answer is targetted market. The Mepis 3 Series is better suited for older hardware. People who might be interested in experimenting  with an off line install might be more interested in the older version.  The second part I need to perhaps mentioned is that I am not employeed by Warren. The Proof of Concept is not a Mepis published property. Because of this, I will be moving the sales aspect to  No, the site is not active yet.

Which brings me to the 3rd point. No. MepisGuides is not going anywhere. This site will remain ad-free, and will be free.MepisGuides will continue to be dedicated for the support of Mepis Linux. However, I can't live on doing work for free. To that end, the LinuxGuides Project is setup to support MepisGuides. I will state now, the LinuxGuides Project will be profit driven so that I can keep doing this site as it has been for the past, well, couple of years.

Anyways, for now, if you want to get the Proof of Concept, it is here :

Starting to Move Forward
:  Somewhat big news... I finished the Lulu Proof of Concept book. I'm still waiting for my copy to come in though, so it's not up for sale yet. However, I need to note that the raw cost to make it was about twice what I had anticipated...

Plan Of Action
: Given that I don't host a conference call to tell investors how I intend to make money, or what my business plan is, I've put together a short abstract outlining what I will be doing in order to drive funds. If you want to read about what is coming up, have Open Office ready :

As of this point, consider the custom system ordering to be open. If you are wanting to purchase a custom system pre-loaded with Mepis Linux, drop me an email.

Old News

Completed Guides

Mepis 7 Series



note : at least one adv driver must be installed prior to playing most of the games. As well, the color depth must be 24bits or higher for most 3D games.

Mepis Utilities

Grub Bootloader
  1.  Mepis 7 alpha Grub Boot Loader : poorly shot version of Live CD bootloader (scheduled to be reshot)

  1.  Overlay fix for dirver 8.39
  2. Dpkg -Reconfigure Xserver-xorg


  1. Kgamma

Desktop Interfaces 

  1. Kaffine FLV Corruption Fix



Hardware Reports


Playstation 3
  1. Playstation3 Browser Access : poorly shot version of Playstation3 browser access. Sheduled to be reshot.
  2. iPod on Playstation3 : poorly shot view of an iPod Nano on Playstation3. Scheduled to be reshot.

Playstation Portable
  1. PSP Network failure : No further PSP guides until replacement.

Nintendo Wii
  1. Opera Browser : Poorly shot version of Wii's Opera Browser. Scheduled to be reshot.

Portable Media Players / External drives

Mepis 6 Series


Obtain Mepis Linux
  1. Obtain Mepis Linux
  2. Burn Mepis Linux

Installation Guides
    1. Resize Hard Drive on IDE
    2. Resize Hard Drive on SATA
    3. Resize with merged /home | /root
    4. Install and retain /home partition |  Mepis 6.5 Beta 6 NTFS-3G bug work around
    5. Install Mepis Linux 6.5 : This Guide walks through removing the .kde file for upgraders from 3.x / 6.x
    6. Install Mepis Linux 6.5 - Normal IDE
    7. Install Mepis Linux 6.5 - Normal SATA
Formatting Guides


note : at least one adv driver must be installed prior to playing most of the games. As well, the color depth must be 24bits or higher for most 3D games.

    1. Updating with Syanptic

    1. ATi FireGLX drivers Mepis 6 Final
    1. ATi FireGLX drivers Mepis 6.5 - 6.04 betas
    2. Radeon Driver Mepis 6.5- 6.04 betas

  1. Nvidia-Glx Mepis 6 Final
  2. Nvidia-Glx-Legacy Mepis 6 Final
  1. Nvidia-Glx Mepis 6.5 - 6.04 betas
  2. Nvidia-Glx-Legacy Mepis 6.5 - 6.04 betas
  3. Nvidia-Glx Mepis 6.5 / Short version : don't bother with synaptic if you don't have to.
  1. Nvidia : Dpkg-reconfigure Xserver-Xorg: Pre OS Load : If installing the Nvidia drivers gives you a blank screen, this should help.
  2. Nvidia : Dpkg-reconfigure: In OS : if you know you need to run dpkg-reconfigure, run it after the driver install.


  1. Intel : Dpkg-reconfigure Xserver-xorg : goes along with the Sager Notebook report.

User Tools

Mepis Utilities

    1. Re-installation on Mepis 6.0 Final

    1. Re-Installation on Mepis 6.5 Final
    2. Reload Grub Bootloader and Work Around This will walk around a problem in the Grub tool on Mepis32

Mepis Network Assistant - 6.5
  1. Restarting Network Connection
  2. Recover from Upgrade : updated Mepis could result in old network settings getting overwritten. Set your network right again.

  1. Nvidia GLX Fix for Beryl : This guide walks through fixing the beryl interface on Nvidia  GPU's
  1. KDE Tricks : Remove KAquarium and other first run techniques. KAquarium has not been in the Mepis 6.04 betas.
  2. Hidden File View - Mozilla Pluginreg.dat : walkthough to view hidden files and delete the Mozzilla plugin.
  3. KPowersave Walkthough : A look at KPowersave running on Intel Laptops
  4. Kaffeine Dual Drive CD and DVD configuration : A guide to set Kaffeine to use the DVD on systems with both a DVD and a CD drive
  5. KDE Desktop Pager : A Guide to enabling Virtual Desktops under KDE

  1. Apt Archive : Manual Method - This guide walks through a manual backup of the apt-cache.
  2. Apt Cache Clear

Browser / Email

  1. Evolution Install and Recovering Evolution Email from previous install
  2. Opera Web Installation

HTML Programs
  1. Kompozer Install


Media Players
  1. Install Kaffeine
  2. Using Amarok : A quick run through most of Amarok's features and connecting to Iriver's H300 media player.
  3. Amarok First Run
  4. FrostWire : Installation and initial configuration on FrostWire
  5. Songbird Mepis 32 : This is for Mepis Linux 32bit versions
  6. Songbird Mepis 64 : This is for Mepis Linux 64bit versions
Media Support
  1. Debian MultiMedia : w32codecs and libdvdcss2 
  2. Media Support Libraries : lLibMad0 / LibXine-Extras / LibVisual
  3. Generic Mp3 player : connecting Irivers H300 device to Mepis


  1. Cedega Install  5.2.3 / 5.2.10: A 4 part guide covering the installation and configruation of Cedega
  2. Cedega Install 6.0 : this guide also covers engine management

City of Heroes
    1. City of Heros - Cedega : Installing City of Heroes / City of Villains through Cedega.
    2. City of Heroes - Cedega Setup : Configuring Cedega itself to run City of Heroes
    3. City of Heroes - In game configuration : Configuring CoH on ATi cards to display correctly.

    1. Morrowind Installation

Descent 3
The good news is, this game seesm to be proper abandon ware... I have not been able to get in contact with any developers or former publishers, and the trademark is null and void. So, I am actively looking into making ISO's available for this game.
  1. Descent 3 Installation

Aliens Versus Predators 2
A small technical note. This game is not actually considered playable. It runs... about as well as something rhymes with Least--of.



Open Office
  1.  Setting Default File Type : This guide walks though setting Microsoft .doc as the default file save type.
  1. Xscanimage : quick fix for GIMP crashing, removing the xscanimage plugin


  1. Setting Samba Shares - High res : not dial up friendly
  2. Setting Samba Shares - Low Res remix : dial up friendly.

Desktop Interfaces 

  1. IceWM : Obtain and Install
  2. XFCE 4.4.0 : Obtain and Install
  3. XFCE 4.4.1 : This is a remix guide, picking up after the obtainment of dependencies in the original XFCE guide, but shows v. 4.4.1

Hardware Reports
  1. Dell Pentium D: Mepis64 Beta 3
  2. Video- Mepis Beta On K62 and Pentium-III
  3. Sager NP2885 Tablet Notebook
  4. Ipod Hardware Report

Microsoft NT5

*note* The guides here were created for preparing a NTFS partition to be resized on single drive computers. As time goes on I will probably supplement these guides with additional guides on cleaning up Windows Operating Systems. Also, as much as I whine about Windows, I am willing to do commission work on Microsoft products.

  1. CCleaner : This is a near drop in replacement for Microsoft's Disk Cleanup utility.
  2. Check Disk : chkdsk, the NT5 version of Scandisk
  3. Defragment : REQUIRED MAINTENCE FOR WINDOWS. This guide also shows jkdefrag, an open-sourced defrag utility. Thank you Jeroen Kessels
  4. Regseeker : a backup to CCleaner
  5. WinASO RegDefrag : A backup to Microsoft's Page Defrag in the Defragment guide.

Mepis 3.x / 2004.x


note : at least one adv driver must be installed prior to playing most of the games. As well, the color depth must be 24bits or higher for most 3D games.
  1. Nvidia GLX Drivers : Note, this guide only works with Mepis Versions 2004.X
  2. ATi FireGlide drivers
  3. Changing Color Depth
  4. Nvclock

OS Install Blitz

  1. Average Installation
  2. Dual Boot and Drive Clearing
  3. Custom Partition Installation
  4. Reinstall Custom Partition
  5. Merged /root and /home
  6. Reinstall Merged /root and /home


  1. Doom 3
  2. Unreal Tournament 2004
  3. Unreal Tournament
  4. Quake 3 Arena and Quake 3 Team Arena
  5. Zsnes
  6. ePSXe : excellent Playstation emulator
  7. Enemy Territory
  8. Return To Castle Wolfentein
  9. Mupen64

Firefox Blitz

Note : Since the release of SimplyMepis 3.3 the install guides for FireFox are useful only to users of Mepis versions 2004.X
  1. Firefox Apt-Get install
  2. Firefox Web-Download Install
  3. Configure Apt-Get Firefox as Default browser
  4. Configure Web-download Firefox as Default browser
  5. Set Firefox as new K-taskbar button
  6. Configure Firefox Favorites
  7. Configure Downloads

IRC Blitz
  1. Xchat install
  2. Kvirc Install
  3. B----X Install

Mail Blitz:
  1. Mozilla Mail
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Mozilla Junk Mail Controls
  4. Opera Mail
  5. Evolution : Note, this is Evolution 1.x  The guide for Evolution 2.0 has not yet been completed

Printer Blitz:
  1. Local printer install
  2. Share Local Printer
  3. Share with Adobe
  4. Samba and CUPS
Unsorted guides

install an Instant Messaging program also found for windows
install a file sharing program
Install a powerful web page building package
Install Beta 0.6 NVU
Install an updated version
Changing KDE Resolution
How to change the resolution of the desktop after KDE loads.
Install yet another Browser.

Install Synaptic, a GUI package manager for Debian
Ripping Music from CD's
Don't let those with Nero have all the fun. Rip to .ogg and .mp3
Streaming Music Incomplete
Capture music to your harddrive.For this guide I've been unable to duplicate getting XMMS and Kstreamripper to save Shoutcast and ID3 data with ripped music. Which is why this guide has not been posted for so long. I have no clue how in the world I turn the save stream data on, only that sometimes it works, and most of the time it doesn't.

Problem complicates itself. After closing Kstreamripper out, it started ripping each song correctly, and would not stop until a system /reboot.  No... idea... why, or how.
KDE Tricks
Some KDE wrangling.This originally started as a guide on making the default KDE desktop friendly under the resolution of 800*600. But I wound up finding some other cool things that just had to be shown off.
More Stuff
Contact Information

Jason Frothingham
2 Plantation Hills Dr.
Evanas Ga. 30809


Pending Guides

Trucrypt Installation and Usage IDE / SATA Drive
Trucrypt Installation and Usage Flash Drive
Laptop Standby on Lid Close

Current Guide Page Thread : Mepis Lovers Forum